SLS Los Angeles Women's Comp Was Insane - Watch It Here!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Rayssa Leal - Image via Street League

The women's finals today at SLS in Los Angeles were nothing short of amazing! So many turns and twists in this event - hard to take your eyes away, and even if you saw it live, it's well worth a second viewing.

Today history was made when eleven year old Rayssa Leal won the women's comp beating out seasoned veterans along the way. And a relatively unknown twelve year old, Yumeka Oda, made the finals at the Los Angeles stop. We saw that not only is Alana Smith is back on the competive circuit - competing in street at the Los Angeles stop of SLS, but also in park at the recent VPS contest in Montreal - this woman is a dual threat, and it's so good to see her competing again. Today Alana posted the highest score in the trick section and took home 3rd place - pretty rad considering she hasn't competed in recent years!


1st  Rayssa Leal 23.3
2nd  Pamela Rosa 22.8
3rd  Alana Smith   22.5

4th Aori Nishimura  22.1
5th Margielyn Didal 21.7
6th Leticia Bufoni 21.0
7th Alexis Sablone 16.3
8th Yumeka Oda  8.1

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