Women's Finals At VPS Montreal - Full Of Surprises!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Yndiara Asp ~ Photo Michael Burnett

Jordyn Barratt ~ Photo Michael Burnett
Lizzie Armanto ~ Photo Michael Burnett

Montréal, CANADA (July 13, 2019) – Canadian skateboarding is forever changed after today’s historic moment at the brand new Vans skatepark located in Montréal. Thousands of skate enthusiasts witnessed Pedro Barros and Yndiara Asp claim back-to-back wins at the third stop of Vans Park Series 2019.

3rd Lizzie Armanto, 1st Yndiara Asp, 2nd Jordyn Barratt Photo: Michael Burnett

Inspiring the next generation of skateboarders, Pedro and Yndiara utilized Montréal’s new skatepark with creative lines and combinations that not only earned them first place but set the standard on what can be achieved in the permanent skatepark left behind for the community.

Drawing energy from the frenetic crowd, Yndiara said,

“This crowd and the skate community was everything, they make me want to skate better every day.”

The amped-up crowd at Saturday’s Finals that powered Yndiara to victory rivaled the hardcore Brazilian skate fans of São Paulo, but the skating was the best seen so far on the 2019 VPS Pro Tour.

Joining Yndiara on the women’s podium, Jordyn Barratt came in second place, and Lizzie Armanto in third, with their unique and exciting runs.

Yndiara Asp's winning run

We loved watching the women take advanatge of that 4th run, 1st wall rebate - we saw Alana Smith go for a huge 540 McTwist (she didn't make it but it was awesome to watch!), and Grace dropping in from the top of the VANS sign  - which she did make on her second attempt. Taking advantage of that 1st wall rebate really adds to the excitement of the event! 

We also really enjoyed  2 other surprises - Alana Smith back in the mix skating park (she still skates street too) and Alex White adding to the commentary for the women's event - Alex is always fun and her comments and observations are spot on.   

Autumn Tust is another female skater to keep your eye on, she dropped out of competitive skating for a while to focus on her budding rap career, but is now back, entering and competing at both VPS Brazil and now VPS Canada, if she enters the next VPS comp in Paris she may have enough points to make the finals in Salt Lake City, Utah in September.


2019 VPS Women’s Pro Tour, São Paulo

1. Yndiara Asp (BRA)
2. Jordyn Barratt (USA)
3. Lizzie Armanto (FIN)

4. Grace Marhoefer
5. Spencer Breaux
6. Mami Tezuka
7. Alana Smith
8. Autumn Tust

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