World Roller Games - A New Women's Vert Champion!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Ruby Trew, Lyn-z Hawkins Pastrana, Lilly Stoephasius - Photo via WRG

Press Release - The World Championship of Vert in Skateboarding has crowned this Saturday the Frenchman Edouard Damestoy and the American Lyn Z Adams Pastrana as new kings of one of the eleven disciplines of the program of the World Roller Games of Barcelona. With their incredible performances, the two riders have transmitted their passion to the fans who have gathered at the Explanada de la Anella Olímpica de Montjuïc, who have enjoyed the spectacle of the new world champions and the rest of the participants.

For its part, the American Lyn Z Adams Pastrana, with 50.20 points, has won the gold medal, beating the Australian Ruby Trew (47) and the German Lilly Stoephasius (45.80), which have obtained the metals of silver and bronze, respectively. The Spanish Julia Benedetti has qualified in a creditable sixth place. Adams Pastrana is the second champion in Vert in the World Roller Games, in which the Australian Poppy Starr Olsen won in Nanjing 2017.

More Action

On Saturday, the WRG2019 have also lived the finals of various Downhill events: Street Luge Racing, with the victory of Alexandre Cerri Machado (Brasil), Inline Cross, where Sylvain Behr (France) has won in men and Claudia Massara (Italy) in women, and Skateboarding Time Trial, with triumph of Óscar Rodríguez (Spain) and Emily Pross (USA).

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