Primitive Race Releases "Turn it Up" Music Video Featuring 2 Female Skaters.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Beverly Flood & Cassie Oseguera

We are so stoked to be invloved in this video release for the band Primitive Race and their song "Turn it Up" - the video features skaters Cassie Oseguera and Beverly Flood.

Primitive Race debut the video for “Turn It Up" (Dave Lombardo Mix)” with the skateboard themed clip arriving as the band prepares to release the remix album Cranial Matter on Friday via Metropolis Records.

The video for the track features two female skateboarders, and was inspired by Mosley’s sister-in-law, Cindy Whitehead, a member of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

“The first time I met Chuck he was playing here in Los Angeles — it must have been about 1993 and I really had no idea what type of music he played when my then boyfriend dragged me off to hear him,” recalled Whitehead. “When I walked into the venue it was super loud, and he was larger than life, screaming lyrics at the audience, who were going nuts in response. Even though I wasn’t familiar with his rock/metal/punk background, I knew that his intense stage presence was something special.”

She continued, “What I didn’t learn until many years later was that my brother-in-law was also the sweetest, most supportive guy around. In recent years he would rock one of our ‘It’s Not About Pretty’ vintage flannels that supports girls in skateboarding on stage at almost every show he did. And if someone admired it, he’d give it away to spread the message and I’d get a call asking if I could ship yet another couple out. He may have been a hardcore musician and legend, but to me he was so much more.”

Kniker added, “It felt very natural when conceptualizing a video to involve Cindy and her skating team. Chuck was extremely proud of Cindy’s accomplishments and his passion for skating can be traced back decades as well. This was the perfect backdrop to honor him in a cool but personal way.”

Primitive Race’s Cranial Matter — which also features remixes by Toshi Kasai, Dave Ogilvie, and others — arrives August 9th at all major streaming and download services, with physical copies available as well.

Watch the video for the Dave Lombardo remix of “Turn It Up” below.

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