X-Games Women's Park Results & Complete Video Recap.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

X-Games Women's Park Podium - Photo Andrew Cannon

You can watch the entire X-Games Women's park contest above (which we highly suggest), or you can go straight to the podium placing runs below. Either way it's a really good comp! The Japanese were once again seriously dominating in this event, so it was nice to see Lizzie Armanto land on podium. Lizzie never fails to be exciting in a contest - her tricks and runs are so different than the other girls and her style is pure Lizzie!

In the youngest field in X Games history, Women’s Skateboard Park was won by 13-year-old X Games rookie, Misugu Okamoto, who also took first place in the Road to X Games: Boise Park Qualifier in June. Okamoto’s run included a backside 360 over the center feature, boneless, a varial air, backside Smith grind over the door, frontside air, alley-oop body jar, a mute 540 and a crail slide.

Silver medalist Cocona Hiraki also made history, becoming the youngest female X Games competitor and the youngest medalist in X Games history, male or female.

Lizzie Armanto took bronze, her third X Games medal.

 “I didn’t think I would podium, so to be in second place and the youngest medalist of all time is unbelievable.”

                                                                       ~ Cocona Hiraki, Women’s Skateboard Park silver medalist

This event is always good and last night was no exception!


1st   Misugu Okamoto
2nd  Cocona Hiraki
3rd   Lizzie Armanto

4th   Sakura Yosozumi
5th   Sky Brown
6th   Bryce Wettstein

Stay tuned for Women's Street Finals coming up on Sunday

These ladies below made it through qualifiers and will be competing in the finals along with last years medalists, Mariah Duran, Aori Nishimura & Alexis Sablone.

1. Momiji Nishiya, 81.00 (JPN)

2. Lacey Baker, 81.00 (USA)

3. Leticia Bufoni, 78.00 (BRA)

4. Rayssa Leal, 77.00 (BRA)

5. Yumeka Oda, 76.00 (JPN)

6. Candy Jacobs, 74.00 (NED)

7. Poe Pinson, 73.00 (USA)

 SUNDAY 12:45 PT / 2:45 CT / 3:45 ET
Watch the Women's Street Finals on ABC


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