Why Do We Love Skate Wild?

Thursday, September 26, 2019

We love Skate Wild and how they support skateboarders via their skate camp scholarship program with New Balance.

We had the opportunity of working with Skate Wild this summer and helped send four girls to YMCA Skate Camp during "girls week" on Skate Wild scholarships. The girls had a blast, and an amazing opportunity they may not have had available to them otherwise.

Skate Wild is a non profit organization set up to connect shands-onders to the outdoors. Our two favorite things are Skateboarding and Wilderness and our program are aimed at fostering an appreciation of the outdoors. All our participants get real hands on experience with outdoor living ski,lls and see that spending time in the outdoors can be just as gnarly as skateboarding. Special thanks to the New Balance Foundation for making this program possible. Without their support we wouldn’t have been able to get so many kids up to the woods for this life changing experience.

Thanks to Skate Wild for all they do!

Want to know more and be part of the Skate Wild program?  Check them out HERE

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