Nora's New Video For Parade Is So Honest & Real - A Must Watch.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Parade spent a wet day in London with Nora Vasconcellos - grabbing an English breakfast, checking out the Grant Museum of Zoology and hitting a local DIY spot. 

She gave them her thoughts on skateboarding, the Olympics, her drawings and shares the inspiration behind her new unisex Adidas Nora Collection. 

 Nora Vasconcellos x Adidas on PARADE ~ Photos Kasia Bobula

This is the first true skate collection that has a female skateboarder's name on it (check out the legit patch on each item that says "Nora Vasconcellos, 1992 Pembroke, MA) - Hell Yes - to Adidas and Nora! This is a major breakthrough for women in skate.

Make sure you shop the collection on PARADE, an awesome platform that brings together the best brands and skate shops, all in one place.

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