Pantene Creates Commercial For India With Female Skateboarders.

Friday, October 18, 2019

We loved waking up to this new Pantene commercial that is airing in India. In a culture that really has not been at the forefront of encouraging girls and women to live their lives freely - we love seeing Panetene show what "freedom" as a woman looks like - free to skate, surf, direct, ride a motorcycle, and more.

We are pretty sure we see our little friend Kamali skateboarding in this!

Pantene's New #FreedomHair campaign inspires young girls to write their own story. It is not about telling the girls what they should or should not do but inspiring them by showing the endless possibilities that life presents. The film is a set of questions and avenues that her life could take, none of them right or wrong. Only she can decide what her story will be.

Good Job Pantene!!

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