The New Street Angel Book Is So Rad!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Photo Ian Logan

STREET ANGEL: DEADLIEST GIRL ALIVE is in comic book stores now,  but we got a sneak peek a few weeks ago and we LOVE that it contains all of the Street Angel Image Comics adventures, plus a couple new stories and some behind the scenes material! If you're a fan of Street Angel you don't want to miss this new book!

All the Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team riders are huge fans of the comic Street Angel and with good reason. Badass, skateboarding, ninja fighting, homeless, pre-teen Jesse Sanchez, AKA "Street Angel", is awesome!

The creators of Street Angel,  Jim Rugg (artist & author) & Brian Maruca (author), take us on a ride where a young girl is a top skateboarder,  living on the streets, fighting ninjas and drugs and she possesses powers that help her escape traps, scale walls, pick locks and every other cool thing we wished we could do at that age. She has really good friends and she has some crazy enemies.

The ongoing story of Jesse and her fight for justice are now encompassed in one book so you can easily read the comics back to back, so settle in for a great read!

The newest book,  Street Angel: Deadliest Girl Alive is available in comic book stores now and on Amazon on November 5th - so pre-order NOW  ----> HERE

Psst!!  Did you notice that Jesse is wearing our GN4LW skull tee on the cover of the new Street Angel book?!  We're sooo excited!!

Our Dusters California board collab featuring Street Angel ~ Photo Ian Logan

"Jesse, a.k.a. Street Angel is a rare gem in the male-dominated world of comic book characters. When you finally find a comic book hero that is female, skateboards, and kicks ass, that's when you know young girls out there now have a strong superhero to follow. STREET ANGEL shows girls that they can be anything they want to be, including someone who saves the world and fights injustices, one bad guy at a time. She also defies female stereotypes right and left, and that is pretty darn cool."

-Cindy Whitehead, founder of Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

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