GN4LW Featured In The New Smithsonian American Women Book.

Friday, November 8, 2019

"With its pink wheels and gold-colored trucks, this 2013 GN4LW skateboard conveys a definite feminine vibe, but the skulls and Cindy Whitehead's distinctive logo bring that skater-girl edge"

Jane Rogers ~ Curator at The Smithsonian Museum of American History's Sports Collections

Photos Ian Logan

We are super excited to share this news! The original Dusters California x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word cruiser is featured on the cover of the just-released book, SMITHSONIAN AMERICAN WOMEN".

GN4LW founder and 70's OG skater, Cindy Whitehead, is written up in the chapter titled Breakthroughs and Backlash. The GN4LW x XS helmet collab is also featured in the section about skater girl gear.

This gorgeous coffee table book makes a great holiday gift for the girl that you love, as every page features women in American History that paved the way:  Sally Ride, Billie Jean King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mia Hamm, Ibtihaj Muhammed, and so many more inspiring stories!

You can get the book now via Amazon.

Right now it shows the book at a discounted price of $30.05 - but only 15 are left in stock - so grab it fast - looks like it's selling out quickly!

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