World Skate Rio - Women's Park + Street Results.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


 All photos via World Skate

In case you missed it - and it was easy to do - between the rain delays and the lack of online live feed, this is how the women's podium ended up for women's street and park in Rio this weekend.

This comp was the 1st Olympic qualifier for this season and was worth a lot of points - it was a ProTour comp as compared to the "5-star" events - how you placed mattered! And the women came out in full force to throw it down!

No USA women made the podium this time for park or street - but there are more events ahead, and we are pretty sure we will see some changes as the season moves on.

Misugu is holding steadily onto first place in every contest she is in - it's pretty hard to beat those huge 540's.

And little Rayssa Leal in street is making the podium again by taking second this time around - she is a definite contender!

Women's Park Podium

1. Misugu Okomoto
2. Sakura Yosozumi
3. Sky Brown

photo via Pamela Rose - instagram

Women's Street Podium

1. Pamela Rosa
2. Rayssa Leal
3. Aori Nishimura

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