5 Holiday Gifts For The Adult Female Skater You Worship.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

And Out Come the Boobs
Mixt x GN4LW collab bags ~ Photo Siri Berting

Mamaskate Pants ~ Photo Dani Hobson
Urethane Revolution ~ John O'Malley

Nora Vasconcellos x Adidas Collection

We did an article about holiday skater gifts last week but realized that with so many adult female skaters, including skater moms, we needed to add some more rad gifts that we know they'd love to receive. So read on, get out your credit card and start ordering!

1. And Out Come The Boobs  - first of all, we love the name. And second of all, most women who skate and are breastfeeding would love to wear an edgy Thrasher, Creature or Anti Hero tee so they can keep feeling/looking like themselves after having a baby.  This rad company bills themselves as "breastfeeding clothes that don't suck" (Brilliant!) and consists of curated upcycled collections - so every piece is unique!  $35.00

And Out Come the Boobs

2. MIXT x GN4LW - came out this year with the cutest reversible tote bags as well as a wristlet. The palm tree photos were taken by Cindy during her travels and the Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word logo and motto is visible on the interior of the bags. Right now MIXT is doing a 30% off sale for our readers only on these 2 items - Valid until Midnight 12/18!!!

Reversible Tote  ~  regular price  $46.00 - take 30% OFF!
Wristlet ~  regular price  $29.00 - take 30% OFF!

Use Code -  GRLPWR30 for 30% OFF  Mixt x GN4LW products

3.  Mamaskate Pants - Tired of jeans and Dickies?  Try these awesome skate pants made for women by Mamaskate. Based in Los Angeles, CA these gals are legit and know what's up when it comes to making skate pants that not only fit your body but let you skate with no restrictions. It's seriously about time.   $100.00


4.  Urethane Revolution: The Birth of Skate - San Diego 1975 - Want to know how it all began? The inside stories of the fun and debauchery that took place in San Diego, CA - home to downhill, slalom, freestyle and banked walls? Then this is the book for you - it's a great read and author, John O'Malley, tells us stories from back in the day like no one else ever could! It's also chock full of great photos of the mid-1970s that you won't find elsewhere. A true collector's piece!  $18.51


5. Nora Vasconcellos x Adidas - This new drop from Adidas has a full line of apparel that is actually unisex. From pants to polo's there is something for everyone on your list. The collection is chock full of pastels that miz nicely with each other or your standard-issue skate pants.    $40.00 - $75.00


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