Check Out 1970's Skate Legend Vicki Vickers at Vans!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Vicki Vickers ~ Photo Glenn Miyoda 

In the mid-'70s when very few girls skated vert, Vicki Vickers was right there tearing up the pools and pipes with the boys. Vicki was as bold in interviews as she was when skateboarding. She continually spoke out about women in skateboarding not getting their fair share of prize money and accolades (gotta love that!!).  Vicki was inducted into The Skateboard Hall of Fame in 2017.

You can now catch Vicki, larger than life, at your local Vans store, where this gorgeous photo of her taken back in the day by Glenn Miyoda hangs in the store to remind everyone that even back in the day, girls skate too!

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