We're Celebrating Women's History Month In A BIG Way!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Arianna Carmona ~ Photo Chris Clicks Digital  Minna Stess ~ Photo Bryce Kanights  
Jordan Santana ~ Photo Israel Santana

March is Women's History Month and Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word is planning on celebrating and honoring it in a HUGE way!

In 2019, during Women's History Month, the GN4LW movement put up two billboards in Times Square, NY to celebrate & highlight girls skateboarding - something that had never been done before - and created large scale awareness for girls in skateboarding in a big way.

Featured on Girl Are Awesome

This year Cindy and her Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word movement have even bigger plans...

"We are announcing today that we are infusing $15,000 into women's skateboarding in 2020 because we still see that there is a need for more money to help these girls and women get where they need to go - even at the pro level," says Cindy Whitehead, '70s pro vert skateboarder and founder of Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word. 

USA National Team Women's Park Skaters ~ Minna, Jordan & Arianna ~ Photo Israel Santana

March 2020 starts with GN4LW's financial donation to three very talented pro female skateboarders who are on the 2020 USA National Women's Park Team - Minna Stess, Jordan Santana and Arianna Carmona - to help with their travel to Olympic qualifiers.

Whitehead went on to say, "I hope that if a movement like ours can step up and do something like this, it will encourage larger companies to do the same, if not more. Women's History Month is a great time to announce this and to encourage others to join us in supporting these amazing skateboarders."

Briel,  Penny, and Quinne rocking the new kid's tees ~ Photos Ian Logan

In addition to the money that has already been set aside for their travel, Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word is excited to announce that they are also launching a series of limited edition t-shirts in support of Arianna, Jordan, and Minna which are currently available on the GN4LW online shop. This gives friends, family and skateboard fans an opportunity to also help these young women as they embark on their Olympic Trials journey.

Each t-shirt gives 100% of the proceeds back to the skater whose tee you select.

So we hope you will join Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word in supporting  USA Skateboarding's 2020 National Women's Park Team riders, Jordan Santana, Minna Stess and Arianna Carmona on their journey to Olympic Qualifiers this year. These three young women will be traveling all over the world in the hope of making the USA Olympic team for women's park skateboarding.

Mom Julie, and daughter Quinne supporting! Photo Ian Logan

These special edition tees come in red for the kid's sizes and in navy for adults. All tees are UNISEX sizing - so let's encourage the guys out there to support these amazing female skaters too!

Wear them proudly while you watch these ladies compete on the live feed from each Olympic qualifier (we will keep you updated on contests, live feeds and results - right here!), or when you're skating at the skatepark!

You can help support Minna, Arianna and Jordan buy purchasing one of their limited edition tees  HERE 

Briel supporting while skating at Venice Skatepark

Additional announcements will be coming soon about other avenues in women's skateboarding that Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word is planning on infusing funds into!

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