Women's Results From Tampa Pro.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Yumeka Oda  ~ Photo Bart Jones via Tamp Pro

Margielyn Didal ~ Photo Bart Jones via Tamp Pro

Hina Maeda ~  Photo Skate Park of Tampa Instagram

This is the 26th year of the Tampa Pro and this year the women were finally invited to compete. The ladies came out in full force to skate and showed why it's vital that they are included in this legendary event.

It wasn't just local Florida skaters or skaters from the USA - there were female skaters from Japan, Brazil, Columbia, and even the Philippines. Twenty Three ladies signed up to compete!

Even more impressive was the final results - the ladies may have traveled far, but they were out to win it! Only one USA skater made the finals today - California's Samarria Brevard.



1. Hina Maeda - Japan
2. Yumeka Oda - Japan
3. Margielyn Didal - Philippines

4. Gabriela Mazetto - Brazil
5. Ana Rendon - Columbia
6. Samarria Brevard - USA

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