A New (Free) Skate App That is A Must Have!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

SKATE BUD: Our rad friends at Stoke Much Magazine have a new app out called Skate Bud, that you need to download immediately!  It comes up with a map showing you where the skateparks are located, and once you click on that icon you'll get the name of the park, the address, and see detailed photos. You can also save the parks you like into "favorites" for easy access later. We love that each location on the app has symbols that make key info clear: is there parking or lights? Is the park a plaza, transition or hybrid?

The app also shows skate shops as well which is handy when you need to grab something last minute or you break your board. Start your faves list now in the app so when this stay at home ban is lifted you'll be ready to roll!

Plus it's a FREE app - so show your appreciation to our friends at Stoke Much, and rate the app after you download and use. We gotta push this baby to the top it's genius!

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