Help Out The Cove Skatepark!

Monday, April 27, 2020

This just in from Sandy & Ana who put on the Girls Sessions at The Cove Skatepark!

We hope everyone will email or call to help support this beloved skatepark and the people who work there!!

To all our Cove Girls,

We need your help. The time has come to advocate for our beloved Cove Skatepark. The place that gave us a home and a community. Please call or drop a line to Santa Monica City Council to advocate for the staff of the Cove Skatepark because it sounds like budget cuts are expected, which means staff and hours could be cut. These hard working employees helped keep us safe during girl skate hours and beyond. They fought for us and now it's time for us to fight for them.

When it's finally safe to reopen the park, we want to make sure the Cove is also a priority for the city of Santa Monica. I'm sure basketball, baseball and softball leagues will be fighting for their time. The Cove staff cuts could mean limited days/hours in which the Cove is open. Less hours means a crowded park and unsafe conditions. We need to make sure our voice is heard.

Please share, email and call the Santa Monica City Council at and #310-458-8201

All our love

Sandy and Ana

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