'70s Pro Female Skater Designs Face Mask During Pandemic!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Judi Oyama back in the day

Judi Oyama's face mask design

Our good friend and fellow '70s skateboarder, Judi Oyama, founder of Badass Skate Mom created this awesome template so you can make your own mask (complete with inner pockets for your filter)  out of your favorite fabric or tee shirts.

Judi spent hours at the beginning of the pandemic fine-tuning the results until she got it just right, and having family and local friends test-drive her designs. Judi has been sewing for years - even making skate shorts for skater friends back in the day so you know this template is skater-legit!

Now that all stores and indoor establishments require you to wear a face-covering - why not make your own and show your own personality?

LIFEAID was nice enough to create a downloadable printout for Judi's masks, and you can find it directly via this LINK.

We can't wait to see what you create with Judi's face mask template!  Post on Instagram and tag #Girlisnota4letterword and #Badassskatemom for the opportunity of having your pics shared by us.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

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