Silence Is Violence - The Need To Amplify In Our Own Community.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

 Photos Ian Logan

We want you to know that just like you, we are angry and saddened by the death of George Floyd and also all the other instances of police brutality that happen daily in this country. 🖤

Today we participated in a protest held in Manhattan Beach and listened to a Black speaker from our former high school talk about the fact that he never really felt 100% accepted in this small beach town. And why he was leading this protest and speaking out. His words were powerful and gave us pause.

Today we want to let you know that we plan on making sure we spend more time actively elevating and encouraging girls and women of color on all our platforms. We need to encourage the next generation and make sure women’s skateboarding is as diverse as it can possibly be.

We are putting together a list of Black female-owned skate movements and businesses with links to each on our website and will also announce financial donations we will be making directly to those movements/causes. ✨

If you have favorites that you feel we should know about -  please let us know on our Instagram page

Please make sure you speak out even if you feel you aren’t doing it 100% right. Because Injustice is injustice and it needs to STOP.

Also, please consider donating to the following impactful causes:

Black Lives Matter


Unicorn Riot 

People’s City Council Freedom Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Nationwide Bail Fund

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

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