"Above Average" Women's Skate Video Drops.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Girls are creating their own media all over the world - this time a group of female skaters in Dallas, Texas have dropped a video titled "Above Average". The video features twelve friends who skate and film together and decided to create a video of their makes, falls, and whatever is in between.

Filmed with a '90s camera that goes straight to tape the short film has an OG quality to it that captures the essence of skate films from back in the day - which always featured guys.

Get it girls!!

The film features Dallas, TX and San Francisco, CA skateboarders.

Filmed/Edited Lauren Habony and friends (clay Howell, Matt mehl, turkey neck jake, big cat)

Skaters: Tiffany Hoa Lara Botto Katy Beth Shelbi Wakefield Renette Hammer Danielle Rode Kira Lenoir Lauren Habony Zaida Frenzel Jordin Rowe Cat Veda

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