Allysha Le in New #UnitedbyDickies Spot.

Monday, September 21, 2020


 Photo and video via Dickies

Nice to see Allysha Le in this new Dickies spot along with dancer + choreographer Derek Ma


The message of these video spots is; United by Inspiration, United by Dickies. Though we are all apart, we are united by one common language, inspiration. #UnitedbyDickies 

About Allysha Le: Allysha Le is a pro skater and the inaugural female on the Dickies Skate team. She been a contest champion for over ten years. Her dyed hair and insane roster of tricks are all part of her signature style. 

About Derek Ma Derek Ma is perhaps the most famous dancer and choreographer in China and is the founder of Hello Dance Studio in Chengdu. He exploded onto the scene after winning China’s World Of Dance competition and is the go-to choreographer for pop stars and movies there. 

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