Snapchat To Launch Female Centric Skateboarding Show.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The new Snapchat show is called “Frogtown” and it's about an all girl skate crew. The series, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, (she directed Twighlight & Thirteen) is about a badass skater living in her car and she lands a second family when she falls in with an all-girl crew at the Frogtown skatepark in East Los Angeles.

I know you're thinking right now, "wait, we have BETTY on HBO..." and  you are right and let's not forget that Quibi didn't do so well for snack-able content - but keep this in mind,  Snapchat introduced scripted programs and docuseries in 2018 and unscripted shows in 2016 so they know what they're doing.

 And you know what else? 

Who says there can't be two shows featuring female skaters? It happens with shows with male leads and similar content all the time. We say, the more women skateboarding and seen, the better!

We can't wait to watch FROGTOWN and we will keep you up to date on the launch date and which female skaters it features (no news yet on that)!

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