"If You Can Skate, You Can Vote" ~ Tony Hawk

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Skaters Vote from Colin Read on Vimeo.


Skaters Vote has teamed up with filmmaker Colin Read to create its self-titled official voting PSA. Narrated by Tony Hawk, and featuring a diverse ensemble of skaters including Mark Gonzales and Mark Suciu, the goal of the “Skaters Vote” video is to not only energize the skate community to vote in the upcoming election but to explain that voting is an easy way to stay activated.

The video PSA was the concept of Colin Read, skate video creator and director of music videos for groups such as Radiohead, Danny Brown, and Doves. Produced pro bono by Sea Cow and Pulse Films, with a team of film industry professionals who love skating—including creative director Jacob Ireland, producers Leon Derriey and Cameron Cuchulainn, and director of photography Eric Schleicher—it was filmed within New York City in the month of October. 


Sea Cow explains: “It’s the most pivotal year in modern history. There’s a lot at stake—and a lot to skate for. Plenty of messaging has already been created that targets the youth vote…but skaters are a peculiar breed. We don’t like people telling us what to do—which is why we skate in the first place! It’s easy for skaters to get turned off by people who don’t understand them, seemingly making demands. 


Skaters also have a finely-tuned “bullshit meter,” so we don’t want to turn the audience off with overly serious or dramatic messaging. Instead, we’re creating a simple message: If you can skate, you can vote. We’re making it feel like a natural, community-oriented activity. It’s that simple: skaters vote.”








Skaters Vote was created with the goal of encouraging skateboarders in the United States of America to register to vote. Skateboarding is a global community. From the national level to the local, governmental policy and politics impact our lives and love for skateboarding.

Skaters Vote aims to give every skater in America a voice in the systems that shape our lives by facilitating registration and providing non-partisan information about elections.

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