Molly-Anne's 800+ Mile Skate Is Done!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Molly-Anne rolls into New Jersey and is met by Zoe and Matilda cheering her on!

We are super excited to announce that Molly-Anne completed her 800+ mile skate down the Eastern Seaboard! She has so many stories to tell - from being attacked by a Great Dane on day one, to horrible road conditions off and on, meeting some amazing and supportive people on the road and MORE!

GN4LW Team rider Zoe Herishen and her friend Matilda were in New Jersey to greet Molly-Anne as she rolled into her last stop of the trip. And they even got her to skate the local skatepark with them - so cool!

We are trying to line Molly-Anne up with a great podcast so she can tell you her story in her own words, because this is a story everyone should hear! We will keep you posted!!

Big congrats to Molly-Anne - skateboarding 800+ miles alone is a huge feat!!

Many thanks to Tracey Herishen for filming and editing this awesome video for us.

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