Pro Skateboarder Allysha Le Tells It Like It Is...

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


We love that Allysha Le is on the "Talkin Schmit" podcast this week!  Tune in to hear all about her history in skateboarding.


 "Allysha Le was born in Torrance and raised in El Segundo and started skateboarding at an early age with the likes of SAlba and MAlba before getting sponsored by Osiris and H-Street and then eventually riding for Mimi Knoop's all female company Hoopla Skateboards. 

Now on Creature, we talk: skating with T.Mag, Lizzie Armanto, SF and Potrero Park, Chris Russell and Patrick Ryan, leaving Hoopla, Joe Fong, solving the Rubiks Cube, The Chili Bowl contests at Potrero Del Sol and much more... "


If you want to help support the show, head over to  and pick up some merchandise. 

Follow Allysha on Instagram: @Allysha.Le 

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