It's A History Making Month For Skate Mags!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Via Juice Magazine Instagram: The Future is Now and we are so happy to announce that Juice Magazine #77 will begin mailing out to subscribers this week and hitting the newsstands soon too. We are honored and grateful to have the amazing Beatrice Domond @BeatriceDomond gracing the cover of this edition with an epic photo by @MikeOMeally ! As all generations of skateboarders continue to grow, adapt and contribute to keeping the fire burning, the new generation is coming in hot with many strong women leading the charge. Beatrice Domond is a great example of someone who skates for all the right reasons with pure stoke and positive vibes. Beatrice is setting the streets on fire and representing the now and future of skateboarding, and we’re stoked to feature her in the mag and on the cover.

Via Quell Skate Instagram: "Community has been more important than ever. @_froskate_ has demonstrated through every challenge that this year has brought, together we can figure out a solution. We are so thrilled to feature them on the cover of Issue 006- releasing this Friday on

This month is so exciting - two skateboard magazines, JUICE and QUELL, both feature Black Female skaters on their covers! 

Supreme's Beatrice Domond is featured on the cover of JUICE Magazine launching over a fire hydrant and the founders of Fro Skate are featured on the cover of QUELL.

What a great time in skateboarding - change just keeps happening in a positive way and we love seeing it!



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