Leticia Bufoni Rock Climbing?!

Friday, November 13, 2020


 FLOW STATE Presented by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 

It is so rad to see Leticia go way out of her comfort zone and try something new.

In this episode of Flow State, Dylan takes Leticia Bufoni rock climbing for her first time at Stoney Point. Leticia is afraid of heights and he asks her to boulder a 20-30ft project without a rope! 

My heart was pounding when she got stuck near the top!

Leticia is a professional street skateboarder and five-time X Games Gold medalist currently training for the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

What is Flow State? An optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best while being completely immersed in an activity. It’s the feeling i live for and I find it most when i’m outdoors — whether in an activity or even a meaningful conversation. 

 In this series, Dylan take athletes and celebrities on adventures in and around Los Angeles, CA. By pushing them outside their comfort zone, he hope to get to know more about his guests, their drives and passions, and ultimately, more about himself.

 Along the way, the show will pull back the curtain on Los Angeles, revealing its hidden outdoor gems and communities.


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