Exposure Skate's Virtual Contest Was Awesome!!

Thursday, December 3, 2020





Exposure Skate had a virtual contest with video submissions this year (due to COVID making their regular event impossible)and the talent was insane!

Check out the 14-and-under "Best Transition" compilation video above - these girls listed below, are going off!

Erina Takatsuki, Addison Richardson, Kairi Stanbrook, Emma Litwiller , Elle Warne, Olive Newman Joey Yarbrough, Seri Kashimura, Savannah Irvin, Daniela Terol , Summer Wettstein, Luna Mizote, Isla Lille bower, Sofia Godoy, Nisa Sugeta, Hedda Hjertberg, Violet Boulter,  Nyimas Bunga Cinta,  MaitĂȘ Demantova , Miriam Nelson, Mikasa Sugeta , Harlow Johnsey, Carlin Mckibben , Cona Suganami, Reese Nelson, Madeleine Larcheron, Yuzuki Mizote , Lola Tambling, Lilly Stoephasius, Ruby Lilley, Ruby Trew, Yurin Fuji, Elsa Vormala

And for more goodness,  head over to Exposure's YouTube Page to see all the other submissions and categories.

For the winers check out Thrasher Magazines page HERE

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