Bryce Wettstein Joins The Stereo Family With This Debut Video!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Congrats to Bryce Wettstein!

 Bryce Wettstein has been welcomed to the Stereo family with this "Stereophonic Debut"! Her positive energy and creativity on and off the board are truly inspirational. This is actually Bryce's music in the first part of this video! 

She not only dominated the Women's Park contest circuit last season, she's also managed to make create her own unique mark that exudes what Skateboarding is all about at it's very core...PURE FUN.

Filmed and edited by Josue Sanchez @ho_sway. 

Music: Bryce 🦋 Wettstein "Butterfly Epiphany" 

Lee Fields and the Expressions "Thinking About You", courtesy of @bigcrownrecords 👑. 

Animations by Bryce

Stereo was founded in 1992 by friends Jason Lee & Chris Pastras. Now with 2 decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential skateboard brand


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