Indy Gives This Female Skater Her Own Signature Truck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

 Lizzie FS over the loveseat in the new Indy ad in Thrasher Magazine (2/21) Photo Rhino


Great to see these new Lizzie Armanto trucks from Independent! The girls breaks down barriers, has been skating hard forever and leading the charge for girls everywhere, so it is only fitting that Lizzie has the very first pro model truck from Independent! We love the blue color and the ice cream cone artwork!

The new Lizzie Armanto Pro Truck – Stage 11 Hollow is  available now in 129, 139, 144 and 149 sizes. These new trucks are a lightweight version of Stage XI with hollow axle & kingpin.

You can get them  HERE

Cost: $57.90 - 59.90 - per set

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