Black History Month ~ Beatrice Domond is F-ing Awesome.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Beatrice Domond ~ Solo Skate Magazine ~ Photo Mac Shafer


At 26 years old Beatrice Domond has helped pave the way for female skaters to create a career and space in skate that does not always involve competing. A rarity for women, and especially Black women. And don't think that it all came easily - she's worked hard for this career she has built - from sending out tapes of herself skateboarding at age 15, to practicing and skating eight hours a day - she has pushed for inclusion and earned it as well.

Beatrice has gone in directions most thought to be impossible, yet she has powered her way to being the first in many areas of skateboarding.

In 2015 Beatrice was in Supreme's "Cherry" video where she pulled off a no-comply impossible, but her video parts did not stop there. In 2019 she appeared in both the Boys of Summer video as well as Supreme's "Candyland" video.

Watch Beatrice in Supreme's Candyland Video

In 2018 Beatrice became a member of the team "Fucking Awesome".

As a skateboarder she has been featured in I-D Magazine, Vogue, Jenkem, WSJ, The Face,, Thrasher, Hypebeast, Transworld, Apartamento,and Dazed (to name a few).

The Berrics have sung her praises, and she earns respect on the street from skaters from NY to LA.



"My Naked Truth" Starring Beatrice Domond | Urban Decay Cosmetics

But her reach goes beyond skateboarding,  and the fashion world has taken notice - from being featured in  Tom Browne's golf collection, to a fashion profile on both Ssense and W Magazine, and even a video for cosmetics brand, Urban Decay, Beatrice is inspiring people from all walks of life.

 In 2019 she became the only woman on Supreme's Skateboarding Team. That is a HUGE deal in itself.

 Cover Girl:  In 2020 Juice Magazine made Beatrice their cover skater with a photo by Mike O’Meally. A full interview with Beatrice is inside the issue. Again, breaking glass ceilings in the skateboarding world. 


 Images via Vans


In 2021 Vans launched a new version of the AVE Pro with Beatrice's input - the shoe dropped to rave reviews and has signature details that Beatrice came up with.



Venture Trucks "Awake" video with Beatrice Domond 

Beatrice's sponsors include: Vans, Supreme New York,  Fucking Awesome, Venture, Spitfire and Boys of Summer.

You can follow Beatrice on her instagram @beatricedomond

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