Black History Month ~ We Honor Samarria Brevard For Paving The Way.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

                Samarria with a tre flip down the twelve  stair   ~  Photo Mark Kohlman ESPN


In honor of Black History Month we wanted to shout out a female skater who is currently paving the way in the skate industry for so many others. Twenty seven year old, Samarria Brevard, from Riverside, CA  has quietly had a lot of "firsts" in skateboarding - more than you may realize!


 In 2016 Samarria Brevard became the first Black woman to ever have a pro model board  - this one was with Hoopla, and after that things really took off...


2017 saw Samarria landing on the podium at the X-Games in Minneapolis and taking home the silver medal for women's street - no other Black woman in skate history had made podium at the X-Games, until now. With a tre flip down the 12 stair no less!

That same year, she was selected to be part of Thrasher's "King of the Road" tour as a guest of the Enjoi team - winning the mystery guest MVP!




Also in 2017 (yes, it was a hell of a great year for Samarria!)  she broke down barriers and became the first Black female to have a full part in a skate film - Quit Your Day Job (her part is amazing - if you have not seen this film yet, watch it HERE!)


Photo via Enjoi

Later in the year, Enjoi decided she should be a full fledged member of the team and surprised her with her own signature pro-model.

In April 2018 she became the first woman to compete against the guys in the X Games Real Street video contest.

In 2020 Skateism Magazine released issue 6 with Samarria and her beautiful smile plastered on its cover. You can get the issue HERE



In the September 2020 issue of Thrasher, Tre Williams did an interview with Samarria and it's pretty awesome - you can read it HERE 



Last but not least - did you know that Samarria is on the USA National Team for Women's Street as we head toward to the 2021 Olympics?


Samarria currently rides for  Enjoi, New Balance, Ricta, Bronson, RSQ, Thunder Trucks & Mob

Follow Samarria on her instagram @samarriabrevard

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