Finding Monsters Video - And Guess Who Plays Lizzie Armanto as a Child?

Saturday, April 10, 2021



We always love seeing Lizzie Armanto in videos but it's even more special when we get to see our own Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team rider, Quinne Daniels, playing Lizzie as a child!


Taka Higashino, Clayton Vila, and Lizzie Armanto don't seem all that similar at first glance. Sure, they are professional athletes on the Monster Energy roster, but in completely different places. However, they did share one thing when they were young: 

Where they grew up was not conductive to their dreams. 

This film follows these three as seven-year-old kids on all sides of the planet as they become infatuated with their action sport for the first time. The problem? Clayton lives on a tiny island with no ski mountains in sight, Taka is from Osaka, Japan where FMX is nowhere near a commonality, and Lizzie lives in a society where seeing a girl at the skatepark was considered cute at-best. But none of them seemed to even noticed - they were completely obsessed. And in time, they started to show real talent. 

This short story is a call to action to anyone who notices talent and determination at an early age. Whether you just give them some props at the local skatepark, or you risk it all shipping your kid off to a program, to pursue their dreams, your support and encouragement is paramount to a child turning young talent into world-class athletic success. 

 Monsters are hiding everywhere. Help us find them.  

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