Skateboarder Mariah Duran in Wasserman's NFT Release - Get Ready to Bid!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Image via "The Collective Series"


We love seeing that female athletes (WNBA's Sue Bird and NWSL's Megan Rapinoe leading the charge) are getting in on the NFT craze and we were especially excited to hear that skateboarding's Mariah Duran will be part of a release of digital trading cards set to drop next month.

Duran is represented by Wasserman Media as are Bird, Rapinoe, as well as the WNBA's Charli Collier,  and Aari McDonald, Paralympic Track & Field athlete Scout Bassett, and Olympic Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad who also have NFT's being released as part of "The Collective Series".

This series of collectable (and one of a kind) digital trading cards are available to the public on May 10th and are designed by Los Angeles artist Lauren Nipper.

NFT's are a great way for women to control the narrative and have true ownership of the image that is out there. Case in point, model and actor,  Emily has said for years that photographer Richard Prince appropriated her image (a series of photos - including nudes - that were taken at the start of her career and then released as she became more well known) for his work. Now she’s doubling back on it for one of her own. How's that for #winning?

It's great to see women taking the lead when it comes to their own brand.

While we don't have any idea what the NFT of Mariah will look like at this point (but we know it will be awesome), so stay tuned on May 10th to get a look and bid on the Mariah Duran NFT via THIS LINK.


To learn more about NFT's (because it really is a bit hard to explain and understand) go HERE

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