Starting Your Own Skate Company, A Conversation With Elle Warne.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


When a eleven year old skater starts her own online skate related business, geared for kids her age - that's pretty cool. 


We knew we had to sit down with skateboarder and entrepreneur (and one of our Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team riders!), Elle Warne, and find out more about her company, Just Skate Pads.


If you're not following Elle yet, make sure you do, she's on instagram @elle_warne , also check out her YouTube channel which gives great advice for young skaters!




Cindy: So Elle, what made you want to start your website and business, Just Skate Pads?

Elle: My mom was creating a website and I thought it would be fun to make one as well. Its where I share my stories and videos to encourage others to skate.  We also have an instagram for the company  @justskatepads

My dad and I started Just Skate Pads in response to a lot of friends, parents, and kids at the parks asking me where I got my pads. I wanted to give them good advice. Our local shops didn’t always have kids sizes in stock so online was better but can be confusing especially for beginners and parents that have never skated.

Cindy: Is it mainly kids sizes or do you carry adult pads too? 

Elle: We specialize in kids and youth sizes and offer a fit guarantee on all purchases. 

Cindy:  What have you learned from starting and running your own business at such a young age? 



Elle: Starting a business, applying for a trademark, and opening a bank account if you are under 18 was challenging. We offer free shipping on all U.S orders. I have learned shipping can be expensive. 



We only sell pads and helmets from brands we actually wear ourselves. 


This makes our website less confusing for and helps us manage inventory. 



Cindy:  What do you like best about having your own business?

Elle: I like helping new skaters and being able to refer them to our website. I know they are going to find quality pads and a helmet and will be taken care of. 

Cindy:  Is there a message you'd like kids and parents to know about skateboarding safely?

Elle: Wearing safety equipment has made skateboarding more fun for me. I get fewer cuts and scrapes and I am able to learn tricks quicker. I definitely recommend all beginner skaters wear pads and a helmet. No matter what ability, I always wearing a helmet.




Just Skate Pads is an authorized dealer for 187 Killer Pads,  Triple Eight Helmets and S1 Helmets - in fact you can even purchase our new S1 x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word collab helmet from them - the same one Elle wears!

** And they offer FREE shipping! 💗


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