USA Skateboarding’s Journey to Tokyo documentary, presented by Toyota.

Friday, April 16, 2021


In case you missed this when it aired on NBC...

 This special takes you through USA Skateboarding's journey to the Tokyo Olympics - from the pandemic that shut the world down, to the announcement that the 2021 Olympics will happen!

July 25—the day skateboarding was set to make its NBC primetime debut on the biggest stage in sport—the Tokyo Olympic Games. But 2020 had other plans. Skateboarding is more than any single competition—it’s our lives and a way to change the world. Skateboarders embody an incredible, unwavering ability to adapt and persevere—it's in our DNA. And this time it’s no different.

 00:00 - Segment 1 Program Tease / Show Open History of Skateboarding Olympic Event Overview  

05:42 - Segment 2 - 2019 National Team Announcement 2019 - Olympic Qualifying Event Recaps Jordyn Barratt Feature 

 12:14 - Segment 3 Park Skateboarding Overview Heimana Reynolds Feature Bryce Wettstein Feature 

 18:36 - Segment 4 Street Skateboarding Overview Mariah Duran Feature Nyjah Huston Feature 25:06 - Segment 5 2019 National Championships / Adaptive Skateboarding 2020 National Team Announcement Oi STU Brazil Season Two Qualifying Cancellations Begin 

 32:36 - Segment 6 Pandemic / Olympics Postponed Social Justice Feature Samarria Brevard / Dr. Neftalie Williams  

39:45 - Segment 7 Olympic Qualifying On Pause / Skateboarding Flourishes 2020 Team Activity Recap Olympic Inclusion Benefits / Close / Credits

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