DEW TOUR Women's Park Event Today - Shifted Due To Rain - New Info Here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Jordyn Barratt    Photo Dangaard for Dew Tour




Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The schedule for competition and practice for this week at Dew Tour has shifted due to the rainy weather we’ve had this week. 


  • To allow for the most practice possible we will be doing the following: 

    • Women’s Park Open Qualifier will NOT run (today), Wednesday, May 19

    • We will be changing to two competition rounds for all disciplines: 

      • Qualifier Round including: 

        • Open Qualifier Field 

        • Pre-Seeded Field 

      • Final Round


    • We plan to offer an equal amount of practice to all pre seeded athletes to ensure they have a fair amount of time based on all heat practice times that have taken place to date. This will also include Open Qualifier heats that have not had an equal amount of practice due to weather. 

    • Competition will run starting on Thursday through Sunday 

These changes will provide the most practice time we are able to offer based on the weather, and allows us time to push competitions to the next day if we have weather issues on a competition day. 


The schedule for Thursday through Sunday will be provided later today which will continue to be subject to change based on weather.

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