When & Where to Watch The Women Compete At Dew Tour Live - Starting Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Images via Dew Tour

This is the only Olympic Qualifier for Women's Park before we head to Tokyo - so you don't want to miss ladies from all over the world competing this week at Dew Tour in Des Moines. The competition is going to be insane. COVID lock-down this past year has helped some skaters step up their training and the progression we just saw at the USA Nationals shows us that this event will be like no other!

Women's Street & Women's Adaptive Skating will be happening too, so don't forget to tune in to those events and cheer the women on as well!

 Scroll down to see all the features in the new Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, as well as times/days for the women's events and where to tune in!


In case you missed it, here's a first look at the Dew Tour Summer street and park setup at the Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, Iowa, where the 2021 Dew Tour will be held May 20-23. Skaters will experience the nation’s largest skatepark, weighing in at a whopping 88,000 square feet, with a few additional course features for an added level of difficulty and creativity. Scroll down below to get the full details on what to expect during the upcoming Olympic qualifying event.

2021 Dew Tour Street Skateboarding Course Preview

This year, Dew Tour utilizes a pre-existing cement skatepark that’s been in the works thanks to a passionate local skate scene for over the past decade. The Lauridsen street course designed by California Skateparks made the park with professional-level features to host Olympic-level competitions and accommodate amateur-level skateboarders.


The street details are as follows:

  • Ten ledges that include straight, out, banked, hubba, and down ledges
  • 11 rails that feature flat, down, round, and square options
  • Four different stair sets
  • A plethora of banks, gaps, hips, and endless lines

For the Dew Tour competition coming in May, the course will showcase a few additional course features that will showcase the skaters’ abilities, as well as up the level of difficulty.

They include:

  • A pallet of MTN Dew over the Euro gap
  • Raised platform to expand the existing stair set into an 11-stair set


2021 Dew Tour Park Skateboarding Course Preview

The folks at California Skateparks hooked up Lauridsen with a heavy bowl designed for intermediate-level skateboarders. The bowl features transitions that can accommodate the advanced skaters as they hone in on their tricks, as well as those looking to progress their skill level.



The park terrain details include:

  • Depth range from 4-8 feet
  • Hips, extensions, spine, pump bump, layback walls
  • Pipe and pool coping

The Dew Tour competition will add on the following features:

  • A six-foot Toyota extension
  • A four-foot MTN Dew extension


Watch Dew Tour LIVE! Available with real-time scoring) DewTour.com/live

**Please Note - all times below are in Central Time so make sure you figure out your time zone so you can tune in accordingly.



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