Bryce Wettstein x Jack Purcell x Converse x Todd Snyder. Whew!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021



“I re-meet my skateboard every single day, and every day it shows me something I never knew was possible.”

At the age of fifteen, Wettstein won the 2019 National Championship in the Women’s Park division and is currently a member of the USA Skateboarding National Team scheduled to compete in Tokyo this summer. The Encinitas, California native is also a singer-songwriter who plays a mean ukulele.

 USA's #1 ranked Women's Park skater, Bryce Wettstein is featured in a new ad and video for the just launched, Converse x Jack Purcell x Todd Snyder  collab - that's a mouthful!

Bryce loves to wear color and this collab is full of colorful pieces so it's perfect that they had her in the launch ads.  We love the retro detailing on the polo shirt and the belt in rainbow colors is AWESOME!

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