Our Take On The New Netflix Film "Skater Girl" - Out on June 11.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Image provided by Netflix


Netflix's New Film Skater Girl is truly a visually stunning movie, and while it may take place in rural India, it serves to reminds us that skateboarding is the same "language" all over the world. 


We are so thrilled that we were able to screen the new Netflix movie, Skater Girl, before its release on June 11th! Read on for our take on the film.

SKATER GIRL director Manjari Makijany was able to do something quite rare in capturing the true essence of what every skater, no matter where they are in the world, feels when they get on a board. 

 To have the films lead, Prerna, (played by Rachel Saanchita Gupta) be a female skater who is quietly fighting a patriarchal structure, as well as India's caste system is just what we needed to see. We love the representation in the film of women coming together when the men with control and money, said "no" to the idea of building a skatepark. Jessica (played by Amy Maghera), who is in the village visiting from London, uses her resources and connections abroad (and the Queens donated land) to build a skatepark that rivals those in the USA. 

That the 14,500 square foot  Desert Dolphin Skatepark was left intact after filming, for the children in India to skate forever and ever, is just beyond!   



When Prerna skateboards, every emotion she goes through, is exactly what girls that skate anywhere experience - the fear, being different, falling, the excitement, learning new things, and most of all, the feeling of being free.


Image provided by Netflix       

 Watch Skater Girl on Netflix starting June 11th!





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