Poppy Starr Olsen - Vogue, Tall Poppy Documentary, Dear Diary Video + The Upcoming Tokyo Olympics - The Girl is Busy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 Images via Vogue Australia ~ Shot by Jesse Lizotte

In anticipation of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics (yes, she made the AU team!) Women's Park skater, Poppy Starr Olsen has been extremely busy! 

From practice sessions back in AU and in California, to flying out to Des Moines to compete in the Olympic Qualifiers at The Dew Tour (the AU team didn't get to compete unfortunately, as several team members contracted COVID - Poppy did NOT!), to her, years-in-the-making, documentary TALL POPPY being released in AU theaters this month (June 27th), to landing a 10 page spread in Vogue AU on her 21st birthday - whew!

Poppy also just announced that she joined the Worble Skate Crew - big congrats!!

How she found time to film and edit a new episode of Dear Diary with girlfriend, Una Farrar can only mean that the girl does not sleep!

 Dear Diary is raw and candid - like watching home movies of you and your friends skating - only these girls rip! 


Poppy's work ethic has always been second to none and she leaves no down time wasted. At age 13 Poppy was doing amazing illustrations and making jewelry to help fund her travels to the USA to compete, now her projects keep her soaring even higher.

Watch for Poppy competing at the Tokyo Olympics this July!



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