Dolores Magazine X Skate Agora Launch "Por Amor" Video!

Thursday, July 15, 2021


 It's here! The much anticipated video from Dolores Magazine x Skate Agora! This is their first video filmed 100% in Sony VX! 

 Filmed by Enrique Mayor & Damia Tesorero 

Edited by Enrique Mayor 

Starring @merceiserte, @le666ti, Anna Plewa, @paolaflores90, @roxana_botu, @marinadelvillarr, @marionapujolmerino, @zlyth96, @aimybradyskates, @indy.pendent, @biggestyle, @camilaruiztac, @marsbarreramauri, @martinaschww, @raisaabal, @_mmmir, @rougesk8 & @desa.parecid.a

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