Leticia and Sky Team Up To Launch "Monarch Project".

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Monarch Project ads in Thrasher don't give much away


Maybe you have heard the news? 

Pro skaters Leticia Bufoni and Sky Brown have teamed up to create the new skate brand "Monarch Project". There is a sneak peek of two ads in Thrasher Magazine this month and Leticia has been slyly posting shots of the board on her Instagram.


Sky Brown and Leticia Bufoni Monarch Project Decks


We also saw the white deck drop recently on the Monarch Project website - looks like black boards for Leticia and white for Sky?


We are interested to see who else gets named to the Monarch Team - we have heard a rumor that it will be a team with male and female riders - which is very cool

So far, some good guesses due to what we have seen at the X-Games and the Olympics would be young talent like Gui Khury and Rayssa Leal perhaps.

Gui is now the youngest skateboarder to become a gold medalist at the X Games. He beat eight other contestants in the Vert Best Trick contest including skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk. He became the youngest ever skateboarder to land a move known as the 1080, on a non-mega vert ramp.

Rayssa at age 13 just won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics for Women's Street. Kind of a huge deal right there.

When Gui won gold at X-Games, he posed for a pic with Leticia and Sky (also gold medalists at X- Games) which led to speculation that he woudl be announced as the first team rider. Next came the Olympics, and while Leticia didn't make the finals, she stayed in the stand cheering her protege Rayssa on.

Could these two be the first team riders on the new brand? 

Stay tuned - we are interested to see where this is all headed!

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