Venice21 Puts On A Skateboard Event To Remember!

Monday, August 23, 2021




Julie and  Dailynn

Cheryl helping a young skater girl

Elsie and Jessie

All Photos Ian Logan for Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

The first annual Venice Sports day happened this weekend and it was so fun!  Coordinated by Alex and Edizen from Venice Paparazzi, Venice was filled with all sorts of  events that were free to the public (everything from pickle-ball, hula hooping, roller-skating, handball and of course, skateboarding) were going off all day long. But the real action was at the skatepark where Vence21 put on the first event since COVID and it was a day to remember!  -There were 100 medals given out along with sponsored prizes for style, best trick and more.


Girls Crew!

The girls jam was packed with girls and women of all ages skating the mini bowl as well as the snake run and the street course. Everyone was having fun and so happy to see people in person that they had missed skating with during the pandemic. 

And because events like this really do take a village - here are some of the amazing people who made this day happen:

Bart Saric (owner of Skater Made, skate coach, filmer & director)was on the mic until mid day announcing the ladies jam for us - and he did such a great job. The women and girls were getting pumped with his commentary and he got the crowd cheering for them loudly while they skated.


Isiah and the boys crew


Starting at 2 PM Dan Levy from Juice Magazine was on the mic and Juice live streamed the event as well - for those who live elsewhere or couldn't make it down to the park.

Head judge and contest coordinator for this event was pro skater and legend, Lonny Hiramoto - who could be seen giving out medals for every sick trick or style session he saw.

DJ VRSA (who is also a rad downhill skater) was spinning tunes all day long to get the skaters energized and he ultimately saved the day by having his own portable power  pack!

Big Robert Howard DOWNHILL DOGS provided security & registration and kept things in check throughout the event. 



The always smiling, Kimi Kallman, was in charge of the mountains of product that was handed out to the skaters. This woman in unflappable - do you know how hard it is to organize tons of age appropriate prizes and make sure everyone who skated feels valued? She does that and more!

Photographers:  Chris Hooten, Gale Webb, and Ian Logan.

And a HUGE thanks to our fearless leader of skaters, Skate Park Association's Heidi Lemmon, for heading up the skate event, along with Jeff Greenwood and the OG Jam crew

Big shout outs to Sonya Young Jimenez Superintendent of West Region & Venice Beach,  Melody Valenzuela Gutierrez Senior Recreation Director,  Tristen Marler Venice / Marina Del Rey Field Deputy for council member Mike Bonin of the 11th District Council for City of LA, and of course, life long skater Lance Lemond of the Venice Rec & Parks ground crew. Without them this event woudln't have happened so fast and seamlessly!


Angela and Penny


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