Women's Park. Now, That Was An Olympic Debut!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Silver Kokona, Gold Sakura, Bronze Sky ~ Photo Bryce Kanights for World Skate

If you missed watching Women's Park Skateboarding live from the Olympics last night, you missed out on one of the greatest women's skate comps of all time!
The battles were fierce and every single skater gave it their all. From prelims to finals it was anyone's guess as to who would advance at times.  We were on the edge of our seats, biting our nails throughout most of the evening!
  • Gold - Sakura Yosozumi - Japan (age 19)
  • Silver -  Kokona Hiraki - Japan (age 12)
  • Bronze -  Sky Brown - Great Britain (age 13)

Gold Medalist, Sakura Yosozumi - Japan    Photo Bryce Kanights for World Skate

Silver Medalist, Kokona Hiraki - Japan    Photo Bryce Kanights for World Skate

Bronze Medalist, Sky Brown - Great Britain    Photo Bryce Kanights for World Skate


The eight finalists were:

  • Misugu Okamoto - Japan
  • Sky Brown - Great Britain
  • Kokona Hiraki - Japan
  • Sakura Yosozumi - Japan 
  • Bryce Wettstein - USA
  • Poppy Olsen - Australia
  • Yndiara Asp - Brazil
  • Dora Varella - Brazil
  • Lilly Stoephasius - Great Britain
  • Isadora Pachecho -  Brazil

Overall this was some of the absolute best skating we have seen from the women, it is obvious that for many, Pandemic or not, they were training hard throughout and very serious about their skating. The level went up substantially at this comp.

We can't wait to see how this changes women's skateboarding - in a good way!

Congrats to all the women who skated in the first ever Olympic Women's Park Competition!

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