Come Out & Meet Professional Skateboarders Mariah Duran and Jenn Soto!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Come meet Mariah Duran and Jenn Soto this weekend!

PSA Athletes in the first of its kind installation where male and female athletes (Skaters) of Latin heritage: Paul Rodriguez Jr. (P-Rod) will be exhibiting the Nike SB “What the P-Rods” release; Mariah Duran will be exhibiting the signature Adidas brand release; Manny Santiago will be exhibiting his signature Mijos by Axion and Jenn Soto will be exhibiting the signature Adidas brand release; each of the items to be placed in a specialized capsule.

On Saturday October 23rd from 12:30- 3PM PSA & Sneakertopia honor PSA Professional Skateboard Athletes with an enshrinement of their signature shoe, Jersey, and skateboards from this summer’s Olympic games; each item to be held in a special PSA capsule as part of Sneakertopia’s LA Skateboarding installation and exhibit. The special event is a celebration of their achievements, not only as athletes, but as Latin Women and Men who’ve achieved a high level of influence and prestige within the world of Skateboarding.


Sneakertopia Los Angeles inside HHLA (Formerly the Promenade at Howard Hughes
6081 Center Drive, Ste. 222 LA, CA 90045


Paul Rodriguez Jr. (P-Rod): Nike SB & Primitive Athlete
Mariah Duran: Adidas Athlete and USA Women’s Olympic athlete
Manny Santiago: Puerto Rico Olympic Men’s Olympic athlete
Jenn Soto: Adidas Athlete

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