Female Skaters Are Now In Fashion.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Aori / Numero Mag ~ Photo Benjo Arwas    Rayssa / Vogue Brazil ~ Photo Pedro Napolinario


Its amazing how many pro female skateboarders are ending up on amazing covers of fashion magazines lately! 

It seems like just yesterday she was skating with fairy wings on... but today, Rayssa Leal  is on the current cover of VOGUE Brazil!


Did you catch Aori Nishimura looking badass and stunning on the recent cover of Tokyo's NUMERO Magazine?



And how about Briana King absolutely ruling as Dior's new muse? Lets not forget her photos for Prada, Square Soace, StockX and more.


We love seeing all these new and exciting opportunities that women in skateboarding are getting from the fashion world - well deserved!

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