Red Bull Skate Generation 2021 - Features Female Skaters!

Thursday, December 16, 2021


Watch Red Bull Skate Generation 2021 from the RTMF compound on the island of Florian√≥polis off the Atlantic coast of Brazil. From humble beginnings, the inter-generational team contest mixes locals and international pros, young and old, men and women in a celebration of skateboarding culture and community. 

Held in the family home of Brazilian legend Pedro Barros and his fabulous clan, this year's edition saw Rune Glifberg, Pedro, Allysha Le, Weslley Alves and Minna Stess walk away with the team title and bragging rights after edging out all comers on his home turf!

Love seeing the women finally compete in this legendary event - huge shout out to Yndi Asp for making that happen!

Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 

03:56 - Pedro Barros Opening Run 

06:04 - Allysha Le Opening Run 

06:30 - Pedro Barros 2nd Run 

10:57 - Weslley Alves Best Run 

12:47 - Pedro Barros Stalefish 540 

17:47 - Rune Glifberg Heelflip Frontside Air

21:18 - Pedro Barros Frontside Stalefish Over Teammates

 28:06 - Gui Khury Opening Run 

30:24 - Augusto Akio Full Run 

32:44 - Gui Khury Full Run 

33:24 - Augusto Akio Crazy Run 

40:45 - Gui Khury Crazy Run 

51:52 - Luigi Cini Epic Opening Run 

54:03 - Yndi Asp Full Run 

54:42 - Alex Sorgente Crazy Padless Run 

55:33 - Sandro Dias Full Run 

56:38  - Yndi Asp Great Full Run 

57:08 - Raicca Ventura Going Huge 

59:17 - Alex Sorgente Padless Roast Beef Body Varian 

1:01:01 - Alex Sorgente Caballerial Nosepick 

1:02:33 - Sandro Dias Huge Run 

1:05:41 - Alex Sorgente Amazing Run

 01:10:50 - Yndi Asp Slob Fastplant On Helmet

 01:31:22 - Results & Prizes

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