Camp Woodward Season 11 is Here And We Love the Featured Female Skater!

Monday, January 3, 2022


Get ready because a new season of Camp Woodward is dropping!

In this Season 11 premiere, you'll meet the 3 cast members Nobi Villalobos, Mia Lovell, and Kristion Jordan. After stopping in their hometown to learn about how they got into skating and were invited to be on the show, the show follows the crew as they arrive at camp to check out the scene. Get ready for the first heated skate session on the Egypt Park bump to bar and the Lot 8 hip. 

About Season 11: Every year thousands of kids travel to a sleep away camp like no other, Camp Woodward. Here, gymnasts cheerleaders, and action sports athletes come together for the Summer of their dreams. This year, we follow three amateur skateboarders who get a once in a lifetime chance to live alongside the biggest names in action sports and experience all that Camp has to offer.

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