Skate Bud Partners with Los Angeles Library For New Skate Video Series!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


We love this new "Doin' Tricks" video from Zach at Skate Bud in conjunction with the Los Angeles Library. There is a whole series - so watch them all as they show up on the Los Angeles Library YouTube Channel!

We love that this segment features our team rider Mazel Alegado as well as the rad Adrianne Sloboh.

Welcome to skateboarding. Anyone in the world can learn this awesome activity. But you're special because you can learn it in Los Angeles. When you skate in L.A., you take part in one of the most amazing and impactful cultures our city has ever created. 

You want multicultural, DIY, built-by-minorities, established outside the graces of a regressive mainstream, no rules, no hierarchy, and inclusive for all people? Skateboarding is it! Skateboarding is the only art difficult enough to be mistaken for a sport, and many of the most legendary innovators created incredible work a stone’s throw from a library branch, and in many cases, skateboard history has actually been made at libraries. 

The L.A. Library’s central branch entrance tells us: “Books invite all, and constrain none,” and we want to ensure that you have the same experience with skateboarding. This series of videos is a way to open the door to a culture that is already inviting you and connect you to the riches and wonders made by skaters who look like you, in the community where you live. 

We’ll give you insight, techniques, and terminology, introduce you to friends who hang out in places near you, and help you get comfortable with an instrument that is kinda hard to learn, really fun to play, and everywhere you could ever want to go in Los Angeles! 

 See more of these skate tutorial videos HERE

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